Crime Watch

Sometimes it’s good to be a nosey neighbor! I’m not talking about the Gladys Kravitz character in the TV show, Bewitched, but the neighbor who is aware of his neighbor’s routines and knows when something looks suspicious. Besides neighbors looking after neighbors, Arapaho Heights Neighborhood Association (AHNA) has another way to look after each other, and that’s through the crime watch patrol (CWP) group.

We need more volunteers, especially with the holiday season coming. We get to drive around our neighborhood and look for suspicious persons and vehicles – and have a lot of fun doing it. We have a great group of people who enjoy what they do and, at the same time, contribute to the safety of their neighborhood and city. If this idea appeals to you or someone you know, notify:

Before you can join CWP, you must complete a background check by the Richardson Police Department (RPD), receive RPD approval, and then attend an RPD-sponsored training class. The application is online at:

Crime Watch Application.

Interested folks must remember that the RPD has to receive your applications, complete background checks, and give approval for you to attend the classes. The RPD schedules these classes according to need, so get your applications in quickly. For more information about training classes, including questions about the application process, contact RPD